After years of living in the Philippines and seeing the less fortunate struggle, I got more and more the feeling that I should think of a great idea to make a change for those less fortunate.

After planning for more then a year, I think it's time to put my plans into action.

At BillionsatWork all of you can follow my progress and hopefully support me in my endeavors. You can help to make changes in the world by giving your support . Support can be in the way of:

• Join the Billions at Work movement at
• Like and follow the official Billions at Work FB page
• Follow the official Billions at Work Twitter page
• Inform your friends on social media about the movement.
• Write positive articles about the movement in your blog, WordPress site and/or other social media.

Can you support the movement in the below way?

• Are you or you know a good programmer who can help with programming? - Must have knowledge in Bootstrap, HTML, PHP. Jquery, JavaScript, DB and DB scripting.
• Can you do some Audio/Video editing ?
• You have a great idea which can help the movement? I love to hear about it.

And then of course, there is the donation item... And that is where is all about, because without donations, there can only be TALKING about making a change in the world, instead of actually DOING something to make the change a reality.

So to help the movement and make changes we need YOU to:

• If you can afford it, consider to make a donation. 100% of YOUR donation will be used to support the less fortunate. To learn about transparency and to see 100% really means 100% read the movement Transparency Policy here:

• If you know people, companies, celebrities or influential persons etc who are likely to support the movement by way of donation, please inform them about the movement.

Together we can make a REAL change in the world, but it starts with you.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION : Please get to know what the movement is all about and become involved: